Our vision to ‘Inspire Excellence – Champion Potential and Empower Learning’ is central to our core purpose and desire to make a difference. In the pursuit of this we are wholly committed to the values and aims that we hold to achieving this. These are demonstrated through our:

    • persistence to provide an outstanding teaching and learning environment for all where achievement is recognised and celebrated;
    • determination to inspire a love for learning and a culture of collaboration and communication where barriers are challenged;
    • recognition of every individual’s potential and ensuring a personalised education to nurture this;
    • commitment to secure independence at all levels for each and every learner in preparation for life beyond school and adulthood;
    • promise to value and respect individuality and promote well-being through acceptance and belonging;
    • responsibility to place our learners and their families at the centre of their decision-making;
    • dedication to partnership working internally, externally and nationally so we can deliver a truly integrated approach; and
    • ambition to become a hub of excellence within Haringey delivering training and research in the field of autism.

    SEARCH for Success Ethos

  • The principles and core values we hold are very much part of the Trust’s SEARCH for Success Ethos where we promote:SCHOOL MATTERS: We all take pride in our school and its vision
    EFFORT: We all work hard and try our best at all times
    ACHIEVEMENT: We all strive for academic, personal and collaborative achievements
    RESPONSIBILITY: We all take responsibility to develop ourselves and others
    COMMUNITY: We all participate and make a positive contribution to our communities
    HIGH ASPIRATIONS: We all set challenging goals and work hard to achieve themWe run six SEARCH days across the academic year. On these days, we drop the daily timetable with a focus on whole school activities that focus on developing personal and collaborative achievements and skills.